A Different Ship in a Different Time

Adriaen Gerritsen was a farmer who lived near Utrecht who emigrated with his family aboard De Trouw (The Faith) from Amsterdam on March 24, 1662, arriving in New Amsterdam on June 12, 1662.  On the ship was his son Gerrit who was about 13 at the time. Likely they adopted the last name Van Vliet upon emigrating.

The Van Vliet’s quickly headed up the Hudson and settled in the Kingston area 90 miles north of the city when the colony was still New Netherlands. Adrian became owner of several land parcels in Kingston and adjacent parts of Ulster Co. In the Indian attack of June, 1663 (Esopus Wars), one of his daughters was captured with other settlers, but they were soon recovered.

Gerrit eventually married Pieternella Teunis Swart and after moving to Schenectady had their 10th child Teunnis (b 1702, an earlier Teunnis had died as a baby, reusing names was common practice then).

Teunnis’s great-great-great-granddaughter was named Emma Van Vleet (b 1885).  Emma had a daughter named Merle (b 1915) who later married Howard Chalsma (b 1913), the great-grandson of Sjoerd Tjalsma.

Sjoerd, of course, after leaving the Frisian side of the Netherlands, ended up part of the group that founded a different New Amsterdam about 200 years after the Van Vliet’s landed in the original.


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